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Our patented polyimide blends, which we synthesise in our in-house laboratories for our own requirements and specialised consumers, are tailored to the needs of our customers.

They reflect that which is technically possible with regards to stability and durability in the end product and processability in the multiple coating process.

The polyimide blends can be adjusted with regard to solids content, viscosity and other relevant process variables.

Scope of application
  • Thermal-hardening coating material for fused silica fibres, capillaries, wires and various other applications
  • Bonding material for GC columns and fused silica connectors
  • High solids content reduces the number of coatings required in the production process
  • Thermal hardening without protective gas atmosphere is generally possible
  • The hardened polyimide coating is not microcrystalline, rather it has an amorphous structure and thus excellent transparency
  • In most cases, there is no need for bonding agents in applications involving fused silica
  • Custom-made formulas are generally feasible

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