Capillary production

Fused silica components made in Germany

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Capillary production

The combination of our unique drawing technology, our specially developed polyimide formula and the expertise of our specialists ensures that our fused silica capillaries meet the highest standards.

We only use raw materials from world-leading providers in our capillary production, which can reliably meet our requirements for the highest-possible quality standards, tolerances and chemical purity.

This way, we ensure that the properties of capillary products are reproducible, which is crucial for the further processing carried out by our customers – batch after batch, year after year.

Our patented polyimide blends, which we synthesise in our in-house laboratories for us and specialised consumers, are tailored to our needs and those of our customers.

They reflect that which is technically possible with regards to stability and durability in the end product and processability in the multiple coating process.

MicroQuartz capillary sizes

All our capillaries are what are known as high-temperature (HT) fused silica capillaries (FSC), which are resistant to extreme temperatures.

To help you get your product quickly, please consider the appropriate inner diameter (ID) and outer diameter (OD) including polyimide coating in micrometres for your application.

The item number is composed as follows: MQ-ID.AD-HT.
The following table shows a version of available capillaries that has been shortened for the sake of clarity.

Standard types


Special types


  • More than 150 different sizes with varying inner diameters between 10 µm and 750 µm in stock
  • Production of individual sizes as well as specific lengths on request
MicroQuartz – properties and advantages of our fused silica capillaries
  • Using our specially developed patented polyimide coating ensures a high degree of flexibility, exceptional mechanical strength, tight bending radii, high temperature resistance and chemical resistance of the capillaries:
    8 hours at 450°C, 40 hours at 420°C, 80 hours at 400°C, at least 200 hours at 380°C
  • The polyimide coating has a light colour and is highly transparent, which makes it easier to observe the inner canal where required
  • Use of high-purity synthetic fused silica for reproducible and inert properties
  • Mirror-smooth inner surface for unimpeded fluid and gas transfer
  • Phase stability thanks to filling of the capillaries with inert gas integrated into the process
  • Low manufacturing tolerances due to intensive process monitoring
  • Decades of expertise
  • “Made in Germany” quality standard
  • Special designs made to customer specifications
  • Easy assembly according to length
Typical applications for MicroQuartz capillaries
  • Production of chromatographical separating columns, known as “GC columns”, for gas chromatography
  • Electrophoresis
  • Liquid chromatography
  • Mass spectroscopy
  • Applications in gas and liquid transfer
  • Testing for leaks in high-quality packaging
  • Flow control systems and microfluidics
  • Microreactor systems
  • Diverse applications in research and development
Order information
  • The minimum order amount is €250.00 per order.
  • We charge a minimum quantity surcharge for small orders under €250.00.
  • Capillaries are supplied on styrofoam spools for lengths of 50 m or more.
  • We are happy to send you our General Terms and Conditions on request.

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